Investment Strategy

Feather Invest focuses on areas where its founders, leadership and investment teams have accumulated experience as well as operational and M&A knowledge.

The firm believes in a focused investment strategy according to which our investment and management team exert extreme efforts to build potential deal pipeline to fit within the agreed upon investment strategy.

We believe that having a focused strategy allows us to clearly define;

  • Areas of strength where Feather Invest is of clear value added to its partners
  • Demonstrate our guiding principles of credibility and world class private equity practices through quick, focused decision making on different potential partnerships the firm is leading

Feather Invest’s Strategy has 2 Pillars

  • Sector Focus
    • General manufacturing businesses; shall range from FMCG, healthcare consumables, etc. which allow for capacity expansion through a non-capital intensive allocation of financial resources
    • Healthcare businesses; shall range from hospitals, to medical and diagnostic centers operating in Egypt’s main cities and which have potential for expansion and roll out within a period of 3 – 5 years
  • Ownership Stake majority stake where Feather Invest is able to influence the decisions of any acquired company in situations of downside performance, dividend payout to investors, and delayed execution of post-acquisition operating plans

Target Financial Performance

One of the main pillars of our strategy focuses on paying dividends to our investors. We believe that this financial behavior sets private equity as a solid comparable asset class to income producing real estate, bank deposits, and listed equities or even setting up a new business from scratch.

We normally aim for dividend producing targets where we are able to pay our investors dividend from the first financial cycle of owning any target company.

Feather Invest’s team then works diligently to enhance our targets operating metrics and expand their dividend paying ability. The team also works on expanding the target's product range within the holding period and according to the firm’s post acquisition strategy.