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Founded in 2015, Feather Invest is one of Egypt's top independent private equity firms focusing on manufacturing and healthcare assets.
Our Focus on enhancing credibility and trust with our partners, co-investors and clients evolves from the following principles;
The following principles formulate Feather Invest's corporate character and identity;

  • Founders’ Private Capital Invested; the firm’s founder team has clearly decided to ensure an environment of ultimate interest alignment with Feather Invest’s clients through dedicating their personal capital alongside the firm’s client investors in order to complete any target acquisition that suit’s the firm’s investment strategybar
  • Founders and Board of Directors Credibility and Diverse Experience; Feather Invest has been founded by a group of individuals who enjoy a unique level of market credibility and a wide range of expertise in their respective fields. Such range of experience combine financial services, family business, management consulting and operations management
  • Credibility and Trust with Family Businesses; Feather Invest prides itself by having multiple founders who have family businesses or have partnered with family businesses around the world to build successful operations. Such exposure, combined with the firm’s world class private equity practices allow Feather Invest to not only have clear empathy to family business mentality, priorities and interests but also forge unique partnerships and relationships based on credibility and mutual trust
  • Disciplined Private Equity and Operational Expertise; Feather Invest leadership and managing partners firmly believe in the value of operationally driven private equity practices. Those practices are mainly guided by operational and management business improvements as opposed to pure financial engineering
  • Team Attitude and Credibility; we believe that private equity is a knowledge and people based business. Feather Invest is highly selective of its investment team and believes in the importance of attitude, credibility followed by top class business acumen and experience as the main drivers for people selection
  • Regulated by local Egyptian Authorities and International Shareholder Administrators; we pride ourselves to be regulated by local and international regulators. Regulatory bodies monitor areas of potential conflict of interest and ensure investors’ confidence in the firm. On the local level, Feather Invest is regulated by Egyptian joint stock corporate laws. On the international level Feather Invest’s investment practices are monitored by APEX Fund Services Dubai ( and Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Dual monitoring practices allow for additional trust by local and international investors and partners of Feather Invest and ensure proper governance and business dealings are in place

Our firm is an independent platform from any investment or commercial bank yet regulated by local and regional Emirati regulators. Such combination is a source of comfort to the firm’s investors as well as a competitive advantage to Feather Invest on a number of different levels. Feather Invest’s regulated independence allows the firm to;

  • Act fast on deal execution and investment decisions
  • Regulate and potentially minimize conflicts of interest between the firm’s management and investors
  • Emphasize and abide by promised rules of transparency and focus through mandated periodic reporting mandated by the firm’s regulators

Feather Invest’s ultimate ambition is to build on the firm's credibility, accumulated experience and secure profitable partnerships to generate economic returns for our investors and partners.

Accumulated Experience

Feather Invest takes ultimate pride in its leadership team’s top notch profiles and complementary set of experiences.

The firm’s leadership team brings together a wide set of accumulated competence and sector knowledge. This wealth of exposure and overall career experience adds to the firm’s perceived credibility, sophisticated investment practices, and perceived general quality in the minds of its investors, potential partners and wider range of stakeholders.

Feather Invest’s accumulated experience is directly related to the firm’s investment strategy in order to increase the chances of certainty and success in a given investment decision.

The firm’s leadership team is a firm believer in the importance of sector specific knowledge, rigorous due diligence practices, proper top notch service provider selection, as well as disciplined and focused post acquisition management practices.

Post Acquisition Excellence

Focused post acquisition management is an ultimate commitment of this firm”. We heavily invest time and effort to build the necessary trust and commitment with key executives and partners of our portfolio companies.

We believe that the only way for an Egypt based, world class investment firm like Feather Invest is to build its credibility not only through closing deals but also by demonstrating serious operational expertise and post-acquisition excellence.

Our commitment to post acquisition excellence starts by attracting talent both from an operational as well as financial and strategic backgrounds. We take pride in claiming that our deal teams “roll up their sleeves” and work with management teams on splitting an ambitious growth plan for the different business we acquire.

Post aquisition Practices


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Successful Investment

85 %

Business Growth


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LeadershipMeet the Team

Taghreed Al Shunnar


Member of the Board

Khaled Ismail


Member of the Board

Ibrahim Ghattas


Member of the Board

Seif Fahmy


Member of the Board

Wael Khattab


Managing Partner

Riyad AlKilani


Managing Partner

Loerum IpsumGuiding Principles

Feather Invest’s leadership team dedicates extended effort and time to glorify its “reason d’etre” and live by its guiding principles. The firm’s guiding principles have been at the center of our attention when attracting our team members, leadership team, potential partners and service providers.

We believe that Feather Invest is a living example of generating superior economic returns through world class investment practices, business ethic, integrity, and credibility (both on the personal and business levels).

Lying at the center of our attention comes trust building and credibility which have taken long years from our founder team to culminate and protect.

Evolving from such a base, we have devised Feather Invest's set of key guiding principles.

Speed, Transparency and Focus

Those three concepts form the key ingredients of our credibility building process. The firm takes those principles very seriously and hold itself as well as its team accountable for preserving a firm culture that nurtures and enhances those three principles wherever and whenever we operate.

Industry Expertise, Deal Execution, Team

Hand in hand with our business ethic and integrity principles, the firm gives ultimate focus and attention to the tactics and dynamics of the private equity profession.

We believe that superior returns can only be attained through deep industry expertise, disciplined deal execution, and a top quality down to earth investment team that is inspired by the job and exerts extra miles of hard work and commitment to building their own experience and the companies they acquire and manage throughout the years.